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Important Factions: 2.0.0
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019
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10 Jan 2021

Many weeks later, and we a finally proud to announce BETA Map 2 of PebbleMC Factions! Many changes have been made this map. This includes brand new features, and many bug fixes! Before we get started, I want to let you know that there is currently a 25% off global sale on the store! Go get your Ranks and Kits at a discounted price now!

Server IP: Play.PebbleMC.Net
Server Store: 
Click Here

So... Whats New?

Before we get into the main new featurs, I want to explain what small changes have been made, along with what fixes we have made!

Balance Top Cap
As you may know, your max balance last map was $30,000,000. Because of a new feature we're adding today this time around, we have increased this max balance to $100,000,000. Due to this huge increase for your max balance, we have made it so your balance does not count towards f-top. We dont want you hiding all of your value in your balance!

Proximity loot and Spawn locations
From an update last map, we decreased the proximity loot locations by 25%. This turned out to be some what of a bad idea due to the amount of "bad" loot in the proximity loot table. We have listened to your feedback and have decided to increase the loot locations back to 25 chests per proximity. Along with this, we have added another 30 more loot locations in which the chests could spawn, along with a new set of loot the chests have to offer! Proximities will now also be set in the /warp pvp. I hope to see you all in the new location ;).

Default and Premium Kit changes
The starter kit has had some slight changes. The amount of steak the kit gives you has been doubled from 16 to 32, along with the starting gear having all level 1 enchants! The warzone premoum kit has also been removed. 

Now that thats out of the way, lets get into the main additions!

Auto Sell Chests
We have noticed that you all want a different method of selling on the server since the GUI we introduced last map was too complicated, along with the sell signs taking too long. Auto Sell Chests are an item that automatically sells anything that enters the chest. The money the chest makes from selling items will be sent to your player balance. Hense the fact that balances no longer count towards factions top! You can receive an Auto Sell Chest from ALL server crates at a 5% chance, or from the Vote Shop for 28 Vote Points!

Showcase Expanders
Finally!!! A new way to get more items in your personal showcase. These showcase expanders will increase your showcase from 1 rows, to 2 rows. They can ONLY be found in proxmities and can only be used once per player! 

Sell Chunk and PebbleMC World Fund
Sell Chunk is a feature which allows you to sell ALL cactus in the chunk you are currently standing in. Some of you may think that this feature is a bit Over Powered, however, its not free to use. This feature requires players to put money into the PebbleMC World Fund. When the fund has reached $10,000,000, the command will be unlocked for all players on the server. You can add to the fund by using /fund deposit <amount />.

Buy and Sell Shop GUI!!!!!
As requested by A LOT of players, we now have a Buy and Sell GUI on the server! This should make buying and selling items a whole lot easier for you. Along with this GUI, the faming and mob drops sale price has been increased a slight bit. You'll now earn more money from both spawners and farming.

And thats it! I hope you are more satisfied with the server this time around. We have also had a professional spawn implemented to the server. I hope to see you all online for the release in 1 hour and 30 minutes!

BigNan · 8 months ago