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Important Factions 2.1.0
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019
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10 Jan 2021

I hope you are all doing well! I have some huge updates to announce today. This will hopefully make the Factions grind a bit easier for you as a player! Before we get started, I would like to say Thank You for your patience over the past week. Many bugs have been fixed and the server has been made a lot more stable. We have huge plans for the server as a whole and your experience is very important to us!

PLEASE NOTE: The server will re-open to the public in 1-2 hours from this patch note announcement!

Server IP: Play.PebbleMC.Net
Server Store: 
Click Here

So... Whats New?

The Nether
Another world... Flat or Normal? It's up to you! Visit the nether now with the command /warp nether. The world border is x 3,500 z 3,500!

HeadHunting Masks
Once you reach the max level on the HeadHunting ladder, we have noticed that heads are pretty much useless. This update will add a feature that allows you to convert your heads into mob masks which give special effects when in your inventory hot bar! Below are the current masks added this week! New masks each week!

Auto Kill Hoppers
Yes! You heard it right. Auto Kill Hoppers is a brand new feature that will suck in the current mob the hopper is set to and automatically kill it. Sounds OP right? Thankfully, it's not as OP as it may seem! The hopper has been tested and optimized to be balanced and not too OP for the server. The hopper will automatically kill 1 of the stacked mob per 1 second. Purchasable in /shop for in-game cash.

And that's it for this week! Below are all of the recent bug fixes and patches on the server! [+] = new, [-] = removed [*] fixed.

[+] Clear Lag has been increased from every 5 minutes to 15 minutes to fix chat spam!
[+] Added scoreboard optimizations and increased the refresh rate!
[+] Added a Silk Touch enchant sign at /warp enchant!
[+] Added a Repair sign at /warp enchant!
[+] Updated every chat message on the server for a cleaner chat to read!
[+] Flight height limit increased from 255 to 300!
[*] Filled in a few trap holes at /warp PVP!
[*] The Faction Upgrades GUI now displays the correct information!
[*] Players now have access to the /fund command to check the total server fund!
[*] Fixed not being able to add money into the world fund!
[*] Improved the Trade jar for a more optimized system!
[*] Increased hopper transfer speed drastically!
[*] Fixed the world fund resetting on server restarts!

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