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Important Factions 2.2.0
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019
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10 Jan 2021

I hope you are all doing well! And yes! Another update just 4 days apart. It's nothing huge. It's more like small additions and minor gameplay fixes!

PLEASE NOTE: Grace Period is now OVER! TNT and Creeper Eggs have been enabled! Good Luck!

Server IP: Play.PebbleMC.Net
Server Store:
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So... What's New?

AFK Increases
We think that the 2 hour AFK timer is a bit low on the server. Players are getting kicked for being AFK very often and it gets kind of annoying. So, from this point onwards, you will now be kicked after 3 hours of AFK time. It is a 1-hour increase and should help you gain that little bit of extra money without needing to log back on.

Anti Cheat
A whole new anti-cheat has been added! This will not only prevent players from hacking but, it will also allow the use of printer without getting kicked! Printer is a lot more stable now!

HeadHunting Masks
A new update, a new mask. This update, we have only decided to introduce 1 mob mask into the server. Below is the mask that has been added this update:

Shop Additions
Chunk Busters have been added to the servers /shop. This has been requested a few times, so here you go :D!

Below are all of the recent bug fixes and patches on the server! [+] = new, [-] = removed [*] fixed.

[+] Increased power per player to 50.
[+] Added a more stable cannon jar.
[*] Fixed any enchant sign issues at /warp enchant!
[*] Auto Kill hoppers are now working as described!
[*] Daily Rewards now give the correct crate keys.
[*] Updated a few server rules!

BigNan · 7 months ago