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Important Factions 2.0.0-Revamp
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019
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10 Jan 2021

We have many changes prepared for this map! This includes new features, events, and a lot more! Today, we will start off small and release a few features to keep the server entertained.

PLEASE NOTE: The server is not released yet! It will be released in 2 hr 30 minutes!

Server IP: Play.PebbleMC.Net
Server Store:
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So... What's New?

Head Hunting
We've listened to your feedback. You want headhunting replaced with something 'less grindy'. We have implemented a brand new spawner system which requires EXP Levels to rank up instead of Mob Heads. All spawner prices are the same. See below for a video of what the new system looks like!

Economy and Harvester Hoes
The economy has been changed MASSIVELY! Cactus is no longer OP and will not ruin the servers eco. Other farming and mob drop items have been increased. Spawners are now 100% worth placing! Along with this, we have added Harvester Hoes to make farming sugar cane easier! Harvester Hoes have 2 modes. Collect and Sell. The collect mode will automatically add the sugar cane to your inventory when harvested and the sell mode will automatically sell the sugar cane and add the money to your balance! They are available for purchase in /shop!

Daily Rewards
Nothing too special has happened. Some useless items have been removed along with more crate key chances and larger amounts of money to make these worth claiming!

And that's pretty much it... A lot more features will be added over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy the revamp and I hope to see you online soon!

Other Changes and Random Fixes

  • Crates now announce some winnings in chat.
  • Scoreboard placeholders have been fixed.
  • Chunks have been loaded properly.
  • Reset the world fund.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
BigNan · 7 months ago